April 19, 2017

Development Blog v2.2

White Circle Dev Version 2.2 Blog Post

Hi everyone,

Here’s our latest news about what’s new to White Circle and what changes have been made. Check below for a list of changes and additions.

We really appreciate if you could post bug reports that you find and any feedback here, to ensure that the game is as good as it can be.

Version 2.2 Changelog:

    • Added Power-Ups – You can use ‘Emeralds’ to get power-ups and enhance your game play. These will help you to beat your personal or your friend’s highest scores.  “Killer” removes all ‘Avoids’ that are on the screen, “Reverse” reverses time for a few seconds and “Shrink” makes the white circle smaller.


    • Polished Shop – White Circle now has a shop! You can buy ‘Emeralds’ here which you can use to get power-ups to enhance your game play.  There are different options worth a different amount of ‘Emeralds’;  a handful, heap, sack, bucket, crate and container, which range from 200 to a HUGE 10,000 ‘Emeralds’!

Emeralds in app purchases shop

    • Added Juice –  playing White Circle has just got even more satisfyingly addictive – enjoy some camera shake, sound effects and animations all over the game, that make it feel brilliant!

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