April 19, 2017

White Circle Beta

White Circle Beta Post

We are excited to announce that White Circle is being released as a beta version on iOS very soon! If you want to get involved with White Circle Beta, then sign up here.

The idea of releasing White Circle as beta is so that you can personally test the ‘fun factor’ of the game – Is it addictive? Is it fun to play? Do you think that you will download and play the game once it has been released? Answers to these questions will help us in making sure that the game releases at its absolute best, so that it reaches its full potential.

Another reason we would like to release the game as beta is so that bugs can be found and therefore fixed, before being released onto the app store and google play store.

A beta version will allow features to be improved maximum usability, the interface and graphics will receive improvements where necessary, and performance issues will be optimised.

Your help will ensure that White Circle is polished and ready to be released.

If you are interested in taking part in White Circle Beta, then sign up quickly…there are only a few places left!

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