April 19, 2017

White Circle Introduction


White Circle is an upcoming, addictive mobile game that has a clean and modern design, which makes the game more exciting and satisfying to play.


The aim of the game is simple; players must tap the ‘Avoids’ in order to prevent them from hitting the white circle in the middle of the screen.  The more ‘Avoids’ that are tapped leads to a higher score, which players will strive to beat, as well as their friends highest scores too.

There are things that occur in White Circle which make achieving a higher score increasingly difficult. There are a small amount of power ups, all of which give players more time to tap the ‘Avoids’ and thus have more chance of beating their personal or friend’s high scores. For example, the ‘Killer’ power-up gets rid of all ‘Avoids’ that are on the screen at that time, the ‘Reverse’ power-up reverses game play for a few seconds and the ‘Shrink’ power-up makes the white circle in the middle smaller. Also, there are different types of ‘Avoids’ that make the game play even more intense.

Included in White Circle is a shop, where ‘Emeralds’ can be purchased (or collected during game play), which are used to get the power-ups. There are a variety of ‘Emeralds’ which can be bought; there is a handful, heap, sack, bucket, crate and container, which ranges from 200 to a huge 10,000 ‘Emeralds’!


White Circle will be released on iOS as beta soon. Sign up here if you want to take part…  Don’t worry Android users – the Android version will be released a couple of weeks after the iOS version.

We are hoping that White Circle will hit the top charts post release and so we really do appreciate any support from you, so that we can make this happen! Feel free to follow Max on Twitter: @_maxlouis.

Future blog posts will include updates on the game, including bug fixes and what’s new. 




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